Homework tips and reminders

Assignment #1 Five Web Sites and/or Articles

  1. Explore 3 articles from the Articles Worth Reading page. In a Word Document, write 1 paragraph per article that summarizes your findings. Make sure you connect it to your learning. Does it change your view or beliefs of the potential of the iPad? If so, how? What impact do you feel the iPad will make on your classroom / learning environment?
  2. Next, find 2 more articles or websites that relate to using the iPad, Tablets, E-Readers, iTunes, or Applications in the classroom. Write 1 paragraph per article that summarizes your findings, making sure to connect it to your learning.

Tip: Google "iPads in third grade," "iPad in Art," or just "iPads in the Classroom."
Reminder: Cite your work in correct APA Style. Use the links below for help with this.
Easy Bibliography Citations
21st Century Information Fluency Citation Wizard
BibMe Fast and Easy Bibliography Maker
The KnightCite gives detailed APA citation / reference assistance

Assignment #2 Fifteen Applications Find 10 content specific (Educational) applications from the App store. These applications should be of value to you and/or your students. Find 5 personal applications that you can use for personal or professional growth. Download the applications to your iPad.

On your wiki include the Name of the Application, a link to it in iTunes, and 3-4 sentences describing how you use it in your educational setting, or for your personal / professional growth. Some suggestions can be found through the links on the Applications page.

Tip: If you want to add a picture, you can take them from the same site where you find the URL by right clicking on them and click Copy and on your wiki right click and choose Paste. Try to use Pictures not Icons.
You can use the suggestions link above called Applications or try my link on the left called Educational Apps List.
Reminder: To find the URL link, type in the name of the app, i.e. "Angry Birds" and the word "iTunes" in your Google search on your computer, not your iPad.

Assignment #3 Application Mini-Lesson Choose one of your content specific applications and prepare a Mini-Lesson Plan that you will share with your class on the last day. You need to share how you can use this application in your classroom to enhance a lesson as well as demonstrate to your peers how the application works. In a Word Document type up your lesson plan. You can use the template found below. The lesson plan should include the name of the application, the goals / objectives of the lesson, a description of the lesson and how you will evaluate student learning. Copy and paste the lesson plan onto your Assignment 3 page in your Wiki.

Reminder: This assignment is based on the app you intend to demonstrate for us during the last class.
The format shell can be found below.

Assignment #4 E-Books Using the iBook Application, Overdrive, or any other E-Book Application downloaded from iTunes, find two audio or digital e-books. One e-book for personal use and one for educational use in your classroom. You may use part of a book to teach a concept. Another idea would be to search for a Free Digital Textbook that you can use with your students. Some suggestions can be found on the Audiobook page. In a Word Document type up 1 paragraph describing why you chose each of the 2 books, how you plan to use them for professional / personal use and include the correct APA citation of each book. Copy and paste the document onto your Assignment 4 page in your Wiki.

Reminder: The books can be any type of e-book. Childrens books (Such as Dr. Seuss), iBooks (Such as The Help) are fine. Also fine are textbooks, manuels... any digital book.

Assignment #5 iTunes U Explore the iTunesU Application or link in iTunes to find a Podcast, Vidcast, or other educational content for use in your educational setting. In a Word Document describe in 1-2 paragraphs how you are able to use the resource to enhance a lesson in your classroom, include a description of the content and what benefits you see with iTunesU. Copy and paste the document onto the Assignment 5 page in your wiki. Make sure to include a link to the iTunesU Resource you chose.

Reminder: Use the iTunesU app or the iTunes program on your computer and click on the iTunesU link. You also need to find a URL link for this assignment.
Find this by typing the name of the iTunesU podcast or vidcast that you found along with the word iTunesU in a Google search on your computer (not on your iPad).