Bring: Camera connection kit, keyboard, keyboard case, Apple TV and Remote, Projector, iPads, Document Camera

Keep iPad and iPod as charged as possible

Before class: Connect to wifi

Set up: Computer, document camera, Apple TV, Projector


Discuss Homework
Discuss Program

Roundtable: What do you hope to get out of this class?

Discuss potential problems in using iPad in a classroom

Go over Syllabus and Rubric Discuss assignment 2 - Demonstrate using my student iPad Wiki Go over assignments 1-5

Set up Wikispaces website Go through settings (Manage Wiki) - What can the iPad do?

Introduce SimplemindX - Mind Map
What do you need to be able to replace you laptop with an iPad?

Buttons & Settings:
On / Off Side Switch - Screen Lock / Mute - this can be changed in the Settings app Volume Home SIM Card Charging cord Front and back cameras Settings:
  1. Wi-Fi / 3G Network
  2. Notifications
  3. Brightness / Wallpaper
  4. Picture Frame
  5. General - Bluetooth, Auto Lock, Passcode, iPad Cover Lock, Restrictions, Side Switch, Accessibility,
  6. Mail, Contacts, Calendars (Add: Class dates, Assignment due dates, e-Mail Account(s), etc.)

Day 2
Begin by using Socrative (student response system)
QR code activity

General Q&A

Explore iTunes

App Share (professional and personal apps)

Day 3
Animoto Videos

Day 4

Share Articles