Bring: Camera connection kit, Apple TV and Remote, Projector, iPads, Document Camera, Camera Connection Kit, Keyboards, lazer pointer, other accessories
Before class: Connect to wifi, Test Splashtop Remote
Set up: Apple TV, Projector
Welcome Education Today and Tomorrow
Roundtable: What do you hope to get out of this session?
Learning with the iPad
Discuss potential problems in using iPad in a classroom
Introduce SimplemindX - Mind Map
.... Address mind map

Buttons & Settings

Explore iTunes

The App Store
  • How to search
  • How to purchase
  • Check iTunes card balance

Word Processing
  • Set up Dropbox account
  • Office2HD
  • Goodreader
  • Save2PDF
  • ActivePrint
    • adding a server to your computer

Splashtop Remote
  • how to add Splashtop server

  • How to create a flyer
  • How to create a presentation

Additional apps
  • for the classroom
  • for personal use

iMovie / Animoto
  • Create a video

General Question and Answer